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tv   Fox Morning News at 5  FOX  November 13, 2012 5:00am-6:00am EST

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of the season. now, harper ended out reds rookie todd frasier and d-back pitcher wade miley to win the award. he is the first rookie of the year here in washington in 53 years. angel else outfielder mike trout a almost rookie of the year. manager of the year award will be announced this year and davey johnson in the running. maybe we'll have another one. n we still have plenty ahead. fox 5 morning news continues right now. t now.
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happy tuesday. live look outside right now. november13th, 2012. some rain, a tad bit chilly outside. things are changing but then again, it is wintertime and it is november. you kind of expect that. >> we're getting this. getting toward that time. good morning. you'll sarah simmons. >> i'm wisdom martin. here is tucker barnes to talk about our changing weather. >> it got a lot cooler out, didn't it? feels like fall now. it felt like september yesterday and much cooler air has moved in overnight. the rain has moved in. -- it felt like september yesterday and much cooler air has moved in overnight. are pretty much looking at our high temperatures right now. we'll start with the radar and cold front coming through and there are your rain showers. and then we'll go generally west of the bay getting rain at this point. parts of southern maryland and down into south central
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virginia, you are not seeing a whole lot yet. you will too get some rain showers. heaviest rain out to the west now approaching sterling and dulles out towards leesburg and these rain showers aren't going to amount to a whole lot but enough to melt the roadways and as sarah mentioned earlier and julie, a lot of leaves on the ground. here are your temperatures, 47 in washington. 45 at dulles. these temperatures have fallen in the past 15 minutes. 46 at bwi marshall. highs today about 50 degrees but breezy conditions will make it feel even cooler than the actual air temperature. even with some afternoon sunshine, it is never really going to warm up today. >> all right. >> he has us speechless up here saying things like that. >> he said breezy though. >> yeah. you can handle it. i'm staying inside. let's check in with julie wright. >> not the best of days, you know. not really throwing out a ray
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of sunshine today, are you, tucker barnes. >> don't put this on me, julie. >> you're the one talking about it. we're all trying to ignore it. northbound 395, express street and plain line. traffic flowing freely on the beltway between annandale and merrifield. a lot of your work got scared of early last night. some not set up at all. southbound 270, an easy ride? spite of the fact we are dealing with wet pavement. wipers getting a workout this morning and on the long and winding roads like the georgetown pike, be careful. they are leaf covered and with the combination of the wet pavement makes for a slippery commute. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. e traffic. the petraeus story continues to develop this morning. now, the most senior american general in afghanistan is implicated.
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the pentagon says general john allen apparently had inappropriate communication with the woman linked to the scandal. as fox's ainsley earhart reports, the fbi is busy with multiple investigations. >> reporter: fbi agents searching the home of paula broadwell, the woman whose affair with general david petraeus led to his resignation as the cia director. the agents went to her house in charlotte, north carolina on monday night. some of the general's former staff members and friends reportedly shocked that this woman was sending e-mails warning jill kelley to stay away from him. now, john allen is under investigation. defense secretary leon pan eight said he ordered an investigation of general allen on monday. the secretary who is a former cia director also talking about general petraeus' resignation. he says, quote, i think he took the right step and i think it is important when you are
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director of the cia with all the challenges that fess you in that position that personal integrity comes first and foremost. general petraeus was scheduled to testify about the benghazi attacks. >> it is not a coincidence to me. he is the one who probably knows most about what happened or didn't happen there and if this is homing over his head when he went to go brief the united states senate, did that influence the way, the direction and the story he told? >> reporter: a pentagon official says 20,000 to 30,000 peoples of e-mails are now under review. congress returns to work today with a long list of unfinished business. as we take a live look outside at capitol hill, none is more pressing than stopping the double whammy to the economy. tax increases and huge federal spending cuts kick in after the new year. and they'll impact all americans. but lawmakers don't have a lot of time. the lame duck session of
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congress has until december 31st to avoid that fiscal cliff. new this morning, sentencing day for former d.c. council chair kwame brown. he pled guilty for bank fraud charges back in june. fox 5's melanie alnwick is live at the u.s. district court this morning with a look at what brown is facing. >> reporter: good morning. brown is facing perhaps a jail term but we'll see. his original plea agreement where he admitted guilty to all of those charms called identify six-month jail sentence but right now, prosecutors seem to be softening somewhat recommending to the judge just six days in jail for kwame brown and three years of supervised probation. it was really just a high profile fall from grace. brown held the district's second highest local elected office before pleading guilty in june to providing false information on bank loan
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applications. one of the loans was for a 39- foot, 330-horsepower boat. brown also forged the signature of a friend on an application and doctored two forms to overstate his income by tens of thousands of dollars. another case involved an audit by d.c.'s office of campaign finance and that found that brown's 2008 election campaign failed to report more than $400,000 in contributions and expenditures and that $239,000 wound up in the hands of a consulting company controlled by brown's brother. now, initially brown said that he didn't do anything wrong and he said he was not going to resign but it was just a few days after that that he did plead guilty and resign his position. prosecutors said he deserved credit for that. and also he said he didn't default on any of his loans so he prevented any financial loss. in their sentencing memo, they also said that kwame brown really has paid a heavy price for his crime as he should. he was once one of most popular
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elected officials in. district of columbia with strong popular support from the community and a bright political future. after the sentencing, they said, he will be a convicted felon with no political future and he will be unemployed. now, brown's attorney is asking for no jail time and for two years of supervise the probation as well as community service. there are two sentencing hearings this morning. first one at 11:00 in federal court to the bank fraud charges and the second this afternoon beginning at 2:30 and that is in d.c. superior court on the campaign finance violation. >> thank you. opening statements are expected to begin today in the murder trial of a bowie state university student. alexis simpson is accused of killing her roommate way pair of scissors. police say similarston attacked 18-year-old dominique frasier last year after the two argued over music played on an ipod. threats discovered on a local college campus and a student now in police custody. we'll share that story coming
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up. plus, defending the relief efforts after superstorm sandy. aid agencies speak out as anger grows for some who are still without power two weeks after the storm hit. it is now 5:08. we'll be back.
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a student on the montgomery college campus in rockville is arrested for threatening to go on a shooting spree. school officials say he had reese be thely gone through a tough break-up and made the comments to other students both rockville and campus police found the student eating lunch outside campus but did not find a weapon. the man accused of being the east coast rapist is expected to plead guilty today for the first time. air op thomas has a plea hearing in prince william county later on this morning. he is charged with abducting three teenaged trick or treaters in 2009 and raping two of them. thomas is also scheduled to plead guilty to one case into lessburg at the end of the month. -- aaron thomas has a plea hearing. nearly 30,000 people in new york's rockaway peninsula still do not have power off superstorm sandy. you are looking at belle harbor, new york where fire
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ripped through after the storm and residents lost everything. crews are in the area to restore power to those who still have a home to go to. but people working to help those who lost so much say they are not getting any help from any government agencies. officials with the red cross today called their operation in nearby long island nearly flawless. coming up, a recording at a local music studio could hold clues for a crime. up next on fox 5 morning news. police say that sound track was all part of a robbery. now, they hope it can lead to the suspects. but first, here is tucker barnes. >> we've got some rain showers and much cooler air that has moved in overnight. get ready for a abrisk affect. i'll have the details on that weather. -- get ready for a brick afternoon. julie wright will have the traffic after the break. the arteries of your dishwasher are constantly clogging up
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welcome back. look at the roads. you can see it out there. just the rain just a sheet. >> glistening. >> we've got rain coming down overnight. tucker says it will move in -- or move out eventually i should say. >> it won't be raining all day today. the morning commute will be
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wet. kids going to the bus stop, things will be wet. we'll see sunshine this afternoon. but either way, it will be muff cooler. >> it is fall after all, right? >> that's right. >> big changes. let's get right to the weather and we'll start with the headlines. i think i just gave it a watch breezy and much cooler. >> what a shock. >> that is reinforcement. >> you just said it twice. >> make sure everybody got it. >> people getting up early. and got to repeat things around here. >> here we go. let's show you the rain showers and moving through the region, you saw a live shot just a moment ago. it will be with us for the next several hours. you notice the band of rain is not terribly wide. it stretches just east of washington out towards winchester and again, it is pushing to the east here pretty quickly. southern maryland, calvert county, you haven't seen a whole lot across the bay or down across the eastern shore. and colonial beach, let me say good morning to you. you haven't seen a whole lot either. i promise we'll all get in on
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some rain showers here. maybe a quarter inch of rain as it moves on through. we've got heavier rain bands up 270 up towards frederick at the moment. it is a cold front. this one means business. if you are watching the steeleers play last night, pittsburgh, same rain band that was moving through during the game. much colder air. in fact, cold enough it is supporting some winter weather on the back side of this. so temperatures around here have really fallen from the 70s yesterday afternoon into e 40s at the moment. i don't think we'll get out of the 40s later today. we might see 50 later this afternoon but that will be about it. along with fretty good winds. the winds are gusting to about 25 to 30. bottom line, much cooler day than yesterday. 47 in washington. temperatures still falling out there. 46 in leonardtown. last hour, we had some 30s here north and west. we had 41 in winchester and in hagerstown. futurecast, put it in motion for you real quick and we'll show you the showers that get out of here real quick.
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here we are at 8:00. you can see the back edge of it working in the western suburbs. i think we'll see more and more sunshine by late morning, early afternoon. it will still be on the cool side with highs only about other degrees or so. we'll officially go 52. winds gusting to about 20 to 25. early showers, afternoon sun. either way, it will be breezy and much cooler and there is your accu-weather seven-day forecast. middle of the week looks fine. lots of sunshine and a dry weather pat were as high pressure builds in. our temperatures will struggle into the low to mid-50s and we could see some showers return by sunday and monday. don't quite have the timing down on that yet but looks like showers toward the end of the weekend. that is the weather. let's find out about traffic with julie wright. >> not a lot happening on the roads early this morning. you will fine the roads are wet. no incidents to report though traveling southbound along 270. -- you will find the roads are wet. you will find yourself at speed in spite of the fact that we are dealing with wet pavement. allow extra time out here on
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the roads. here we are looking through the raindrops, 395 at duke street. express lanes, main line open for business actually nice, easy drive continuing out to the 14th street bridge. and again, raindrops in our commute through vienna. eastbound 66, no problems reported continuing inbound from vienna headed out towards the beltway. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. traffic. >> thank you. new details in an unusual robbery inside a laurel recording studio. police say two rappers laid down some tracks before pulling a gun on the people who were helping them. now, the lead clue is the recording they left behind. >> reporter: early last fly morning two, men showed up unannounced and cut a deal with a recording group already inside. for $06, they were allowed record a song. they then came outside, got a gun, went back inside and robbed the people who were helping them. now, the clue in this case is
5:21 am
the recording they left behind. >> i feel like larry loser. >> typically, it is our understanding the protocol for the studio is have you to schedule an appointment. we understand the robbers in this particular case did not have an appointment. they just came in off the street. there were some patrons in the studio working. they welcomed these gentlemen in and they produced a sound track. >> reporter: we believe there were five or six people in the studio at the time in addition to the two bad guys and they produceed a weapon and basically robbed them of the
5:22 am
personal belongings, cell phone, jewelry, credit card, cash, things like that. >> we believe there are two suspects. it sounds like both of them actually were part of this audiotape and we're hoping that machine will recognize either the contents of the song or recognize their voices and we hope that there is some voice recognition. >> reporter: the general manager of the recording studio says if you listen to the words of the song, it leads you to believe that these men are very familiar with laurel and laurel police are now hoping that anyone who listens to the song and recognizes the voices or even the song will know who these men are and call detectives. in laurel, paul wagner, fox 5 news. are you in the market for a new alliance like a coffee maker or refrigerator or even both. >> maybe. ahead, a groundbreaking service that helps you find out how much it will cost to you run
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those new appliances. a new rating system. coming up, we'll explain that. a local veteran who sacrificed so much for his country gets a free new home. stay with us. we'll tell you about it when we come back. 
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>> reporter: it is moving day. john peck is a marine who earned two purple hearts. today, he is being given a house. he has given much more than that. >> i remember vaguely seeing my guys. i kept blacking out. i was saying don't want to die here. i ain't going to die in this place. >> reporter: he woke up two and a half months later and learned he had been hit by an ied in afghanistan. he lost all four limbs. >> at first, i do admit there were very extremely rough days. i was not a pleasant person. >> reporter: but he has adjusted. today, he gets his freedom thanks to the work of the garyy garyy -- gary sinise foundation. >> the kitchen sink is mounted especially for him. cabinets move. a lot of what is in the house is motion sensorred.
5:27 am
for example, step no the bathroom and the toilet seat pops up. over here, you can just wave in front of it and the sink turns on. >> this is the brains of the home. >> reporter: he can run all of the electronics from an ipad. kristin pruitt's company, american heritage homes, build the house. >> my husband fought in vietnam. i have a son in kandahar. i have a 19-year-old son who is looking to go into the service after college. >> reporter: on veterans day when you can give a home it someone who is a fruit hero justify as john peck, it doesn't get better than this. >> i'm grateful and humble. i can't put into words how much i feel that they did so much hard work for this. >> reporter: he asks just one thing in return. >> : even if you are walking opposite ways, if you see someone that kind of fits the profile of a veteran or in the
5:28 am
military, it takes less than 10 seconds to say thank you. it was a great day. >> reporter: if fredericksburg, virginia, beth parker, fox 5 news. >> and we thank him for his service as well. coming up, a change to be announced today that would cut back on how many paramedics might be there to help you in the middle of the night. >> we'll have those details coming up plus all of our top stories. stay with us. [ woman ] ring. ring. progresso. in what world do potatoes, bacon and cheese add up to 100 calories? your world. ♪ creamy cheese... 100 calories... [ chef ] ma'am [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup. of green giant vegetables it's easy to eat like a giant... ♪ and feel like a green giant. ♪ ho ho ho ♪ green giant
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welcome back to fox 5 morning news. this is a live look outside right now through the rain or haze or whatever that is. you can see the national cathedral off in the background there. it is tuesday, november 13th as we continue the rest of this week. >> yeah. >> day number two. >> here we go. >> yeah. that is quite a lead-in. it is raining outside. that is why it looks that way. that would explain it. >> is it winding down at all? >> not yet. in a couple of hours. the good news is the rain will not be with us all day. le difficult part is this morning for the morning commute or wides going to the bus top. >> it could be challenging. -- or kids going to the bus stop. >> let me show you the rain showers moving through the area. the other thing you notice, the temperatures are falling off
5:32 am
overnight as the cooler air is starting to settle in. much of the rain is just north and west of the city and much of that will be moving through. getting some pretty good rain rates and the rest of us seeing at least i alight shower at the moment and all this again pushing west to east along with our cold front. the actual front is now across the bay and we're dragging with it some rain showers and cooler air behind it. here are your cooler temperatures. 47 now in washington. but look at the cold air carved out to our west. 26 in chicago and in columbus. 34 this morning in pittsburgh. much cooler air working in. boston is 63 degrees while binghamton is 32. >> it is crazy when you look at the map like that with the numbers. >> you can see where the front is. we are pretty much looking at our high temperatures. breezy and clly with sunshine building in. >> big change from yesterday. >> then you see all the really, really cold temperatures. is it going to be that cold here.
5:33 am
>> we'll have upper 20s and low 30s here overnight too. more on that in a minute. >> not going to complain. >> i like that positive attitude. >> before we check in with julie on traffic, one note to pass along that is commuter related. after five years of construction, the wait is almost over. a ribbon cutting ceremony will be held to mark the opening of the 495 express lanes but the lane will not open to the public until saturday. saturda now, let's check in with julie wright and get the latest on traffic. >> and quite a change that will be because we'll have new exits that we've never talked about before so we'll have new exits to deal with. so you got to pay close attention to where you are traveling to and from. and there is no trial period. remember at the icc we had that freeway, that little me way that ewe could travel and check it out to see if it will benefit us or not. we don't have that with the new
5:34 am
hot lanes. be prepared for that on saturday. >> all right. >> you will find lanes are open with no issues reported traveling southbound out of 270. here they come. all lanes are open deeing with the wet pavement. we've been talking about the leaves combined with the wet pavement makes for a very slick commute. outer loop of the beltway, no problems to report across the american legion bridge headed out towards the dulles toll road. ener loop is quiet from tyson's back up to the spur. you are at speed headed over to the southeast-southwest freeway. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. e traffic. new this morning, later on today, former d.c. council chair kwame brown will be sentenced on bank fraud charges. he resigned from his position and pleaded guilty in june. prosecutors have suggested he serve six days in jail followed by three years of soup rised release. but brown's lawyers are asking for a lesser sentence of two years supervised release and
5:35 am
community service. brown will also be sentenced on separate charges of campaign finance violations. opening statements are expected to begin today in the murder trial of a bowie state university student. alexis simpson is accused of killing her roommate way pair of scissors. they say she attacked her roommate over music played on an ipod. -- killing her roommate with a pair of scissors. a list of schools targeted for closure or consolidation is expected to be released today. those schools targeted for consolidation will most likely be combined with higher performing charter schools. this is the second time in four years the district has closed or consolidated schools. d scho a critical shortage of paramedics in the district. the city can't keep enough
5:36 am
medic units on the streets around the clock. now, d.c.'s fire chief will announce a plan today to move paramedics off overnight hours to cover busier times of the day. some people are worried there won't be help if their life is on the line after this. fox 5 talked with chief kenneth ellerbe. he disputes the claims by the firefighters' union that this will reduce their ability to respond to calls by 36%. >> this gives us an opportunity to look at i a decades-old system and respond more redry l.i.e. to our community. we have alooked at the data for over a year and it indicates we don't have as many calls from 1:00 to 7:00 a.m. as we do from 7:00 during the day. chief ellerbe says the plan still needs to be discussed with the city council and stakeholders so they can address concerns any of them
5:37 am
may have. new developments in the david petraeus resignation scandal. the top commander in afghanistan, general general jon allen, is now also under investigation. he allegedly had when the pentagon calls inappropriate communication with jill kelley. she is the woman believed to have goten threatening e-mails from paula broadwell, the woman who supposedly had an affair with david petraeus. petraeus is no longer expected to testify before congress about the deadly 9-11 raid on the u.s. consulate in benghazi. but lindsay graham says the truth will never come out if petraeus keeps quiet forever. >> we have a national security failure along in the making. i don't see how in the world you can find out what happened in benghazi before, during and after the attack if general pet ray also doesn't testify. 't te >> the fbi never gave anyone in congress a heads up that david petraeus was at the center of the investigation and the senate jeeps committee may now
5:38 am
conduct its own investigation. -- intelligence committee may now conduct its own investigation. plus, before you hop online to do that holiday shopping, beware of scams. we'll hear from the online security experts coming up. ,
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back now on fox 5 morning news and a look ahead to the
5:41 am
holiday shopping season. many of us will go online to buy those gifts but not just at our desk top. a new study from mcafee shows one in four people will shop on a mobile device and that brings with it some danger. >> smart phones are small computers and small computes are are just as vulnerable as large computers and laptops. you have to make sure your mobile phone also has antivirus unstalled so you don't click links and get viruses on that device. >> make sure the antivirus software says your device is clean before you connect to the internet. the maryland department of health and mental high jeep will announce new breast feeding policy recommendations later on this morning. a news conference is being she would at shady grove adventist hospital in rockville. all birthing hospitals in the state are being asked to adopt the recommendations or to get baby friendly certification. shady grove adventist is
5:42 am
considered a leader among maryland hospitals in implementing these new policies. comedian steven colbert is set to give the commencement address at the university of virginia next spring. the school made the announcement on monday. the graduation committee chair says they are thrilled to have him and sure he will create memories. colbert's wife is a uva grad herself. the ceremony is scheduled for may 18th. >> that should be fun. >> i would attend that just to see what he has to say. are you in the market for a new appliance like a coffee macer or refrigerator? >> up next, the ground breaking new service that helps you find out how much it will cost you to run those new appliances. we'll have more on a new rating system plus we've got your weather and traffic. stay with us. we'll be right back.
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good morning. taking a lock at oxon hill road. a little bit of traffic out there. you need to be careful when you head out in your car today because there are some leaves on the ground. there is water and there is that whole combination. it just makes slipping and sliding a whole heck of a lot easier. >> everybody getting back to school and back to work. unfortunately, rain showers will be with us for the next couple of hours.
5:46 am
the good news, most of the rain should be out of here by 8:00, 9:00 this morning and we'll see some clearing. it will be much, much cooler than yesterday. yesterday, low 70s. today, upper 40s. maybe 20 to 25 degrees cooler. there is a live look at your radar. you can see the shower activity moving through here in waves over the last couple of hours but we're still getting the backened of it now starting to move in. and some pretty good rain up into western howard county, parts of montgomery county. you can see the yellows moving through. all of this is is moving from the west to east and we'll continue to get up with a rain showers for short term. i don't think we'll see rain here much past 8:00, 9:00 this morning. you can see that, as you get a the further out to the west, we've got clearing skies out into parts of west virginia and ohio. that will move in i think by late morning, early afternoon. we'll see things improve but it will be a wet commute here and
5:47 am
the kids going to the bus stop over the next couple of hours, they need to be ready for some showers along with cooler temperatures as i mentioned. the much cool are air has moved in overnight. not only do we have cooler temperatures but we have pretty good breezes going at the moment. currently, 47 in washington. 46 in leonardtown. 47 in spreadburg. north and west, we were flirting with some 30s here about an hour ago. we are now in the low 40s in hagerstown. 41 in winchester. here are your winds and currently out of the north and west, it is gusting to 28 in d.c. 23 out in annapolis, 23 in leonardtown. you mix in cooler temperatures with these winds and you get the idea. it will be feeling more like november around here than the last couple of days with highs only in the upper 40s and low 50s. officially, we'll go 52. we did that close to midnight. we may be only in the upper 40s later. winds north and west this afternoon gusting to about 20. early showers, some afternoon sun and as i mentioned, cooler and breezy out there.
5:48 am
cold tonight, 36 the dwroafer night low. sarah wanted to know how cold it will get. we'll have upper 20s and low 30s north and west during the overnight hours so a chilly couple of mornings. wednesday, thursday, friday, lots of sunshine. high pressure builds in but temperatures will only be in the 50s. next chance of showers after this morning, second half of sunday and monday. all right. that is a look at weather. let's do some traffic and get the latest from julie wright. julie, are we proud of bryce harper for rookie of the year? >> i know. isn't that great. >> awesome. you ever been rookie of the year in anything? >> no. i'm sorry. i just haven't. aven't. all right. on the roads right now, 359 northbound, we do have reports of accident activity as you continue eastbound over towards south capital street. accident activity tying up all but the center of the roadway. heads up approaching south capital street. if you are traveling north off of 359 coming across the 14th
5:49 am
street bridge, we'll start to see this back-up forming here at the 14th street bridge headed over towards that accident scene so keep your eyes peeled for. this no issues reported on the gw parkway. traffic flowing freely coming in from the capital beltway headed out towards the key bridge. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. affic. picking a new appliance. it can be confusing. is in a new way to sort through the brands. >> for now, the technology is only available in the d.c. area. we have a report. >> reporter: christy nagel is looking for a coffee maker. >> this is $53. i don't want my energy costs to go up just because i'm getting a cheaper coffee maker. >> reporter: john had the same concern when he was shopping for appliances. >> i couldn't find any information besides the price that could tell me which one was more environmentally
5:50 am
friendly or which one saved energy. >> reporter: that information wasn't available anywhere. so he started s actual vinia labs based in bethesda. >> we do consumer research to find out how consumes are use these products and we take that into a testing laboratory at the university of maryland and we test each and every product to find out how much energy they use. >> reporter: consider this. two coffee makes are could cost you $100 in the store but coffee make are number one costs you $200 to run over five years while coffee maker number two only costs you $35 to run over five years. the rating system lays that out for you. it also takes into account the zip code where at appliance is sold and the cost of energy in that area. logan hardware just started using the ratings system. store owner gina schaefer says she is thrilled with it. >> it gives you that one piece of information, you think i want a coffee pot, want it to be pretty. >> did you find everything that you need today? >> i did.
5:51 am
>> you find out you can have something smart about your purchase. >> thank you very much. >> did you check the energy rating on our coffee pot downstairs? >> i did not. >> it doesn't cost us anything to operate, just fox 5. >> all right. that report by laura evans there. the energy ratings system is only in d.c. in area hard war stores right now. >> at this point, company is rateth the most frequently used appliances, toasters, coffee makers and humidifiers. coming up, bryce harper collecting some heavy off- season hardware. there could be more good news for the nats. the bid for i big upset in monday night football. plus the terps back on the hard wood. sports is coming up next. 
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the off-season awards are mounding for the washington nationals. >> they have claimed a majority of baseball's top individual awards so far including three silver slugger ark a gold glove and now rookie of the year. no mystery here for nats fans. bryce harper won rookie of the year. 207 with 59 runs batted in and made a number of defensive plays all while missing the first month of the season. and mike trout is al rookie of
5:55 am
the year award. manager of the year awards will be announced today. to college football and maryland's home owner with morehead. the terps case force as a turnover. howard lobs to wells for the thunderous dunk. the terps win 67-456789. virginia coming offer a first ever loss to george myspace and last week took on fairfield. joe harris with the jumper gives the cavs their first lead of the game in the second half. fairfield played horrible in the second half scoring just 15 points. virginia wins this one 54-45. monday night football. the chiefs in pittsburgh to face the steeleers. kansas city jumped out to a 10- point lead in the first quarter. the steeleers would intercept the matt cassell pass.
5:56 am
the steelers win 16-13 in overtime. a popular musician and activist addressing a large crowd at georgetown university last night. >> u2's bono urged the crowd especially the students to work together. he said today's generation can create equality for everyone. >> this generation has the chance to challenge the absurdity of where you live deciding whether you live. >> more than 700 people attended last night's event. >> today, our facebook fan of
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the day is jericho pittman. if you want to be tomorrow's fan of the day, just leave a comment under the picture. ctur
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